Here’s A Great Gift For You And Your Dog

In a time when social media is an important update to do, this new device is certainly heaven-sent for dog lovers.

– The new devices is called “Woofie”.
– Woofie is a selfie device created for one specific purpose: dog selfies!
– It allows you to take pictures of your fur love, while they are looking right at the camera.

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We tried, and we failed.
When great moments come, and we want to document it with our beloved pet dogs, but the tendency is, they are distracted. Sometimes, they end up either blurred or attempting to attack the camera.

Good news for all pet lovers!
The perfect device for taking selfies is here, and it’s out in the market. Yes, available and can be used as soon as you want.

So how does this new thing-a-majig work?

Basically, it produces an attention-grabbing sound right before clicking your camera’s shutter. This distinct sound is enough to catch your furball’s attention.

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