if you love the large size great Dane breed as much as we do then you must be pretty interested in finding out so many interesting information about this very precious dog breed.


Commonly known as the “Apollo of Dogs” because of its domineering size and long legs, the great dane has been around for centuries and is a common favorite among big dog lovers.


Even though its size might seem a tad intimidating, this dog is a huge lover and craves a lot pf human companionship. It is the 14th most popular dog in the US and this just shows just how many people are obsessed with this breed.



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They are extremely soft and patient with kids and also make great home guards due to their size. They are affectionate and people pleases. They usually have different skin coats with the most common being the black and white one commonly called ‘harlequin”


It is important to note that great Danes grow into really tall dogs and living with a dog with such height and demeanor can be hard sometimes. However, there are people who adore this dog for its size, you just need to be sure you are one of them.


Want to learn more about the Great Dane? Click here for American kennel club for more info

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