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Ever wonder why dogs love to stick their head out the window during car rides? There’s a scientific reason!

– Every dog owner must’ve noticed the same habits done by their dogs whenever they go out for a ride.
– All dogs, in general, have one favorite position once they step inside a car.
– This is called the “sticking their head out of the car window” position.

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The answer is finally here! A scientific reason why dogs love to stick their heads out the window is finally explained to all of us, who’s been wondering.

Admit it though, if you have tried sticking your head out of the car’s window, you must have enjoyed it, right? With the breeze of unlimited fresh air flowing through the window, it can certainly be one of the most enjoyable things to do while riding a car!

But wait, for dogs though, it’s more than just that. The reason is definitely bigger than “because they can”, according to Chris Daniels, an Adelaide zoologist.

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Find out Daniel’s explanation in Simon Royal’s article – http://www.abc.net.au.

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