Dog With A Grapefruit Sized Brain Tumor Asks For A Little Love

The positive vibes this little dog has, amidst facing HUGE problems, will surely remind you to stay positive in life.

– Pinto is a small dog who has dealt with huge problems in his canine life.
– This little puppy had a growing mass on his head, and it was feared to be cancer-causing.
– The poor dog was up for adoption, but nobody dared to choose him because of his condition.

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Talk about problems that we are “faced in life”. This little dog literally had to “face” his problems and it was not an easy one. It was a tumor right on his skull. The brave dog, Pinto, had been suffering from the said tumor that has been growing in size for months.

While Pinto was in a shelter and waiting for adoption, it was an even sadder fact that no one was there to adopt him – maybe because of his age or maybe it was because of the tumor in his head (as what the shelter in-charge suspected).

Good thing, the kind-hearted founder of Mr Mo Project found out about Pinto and went the extra mile to rescue the sick dog.

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