👌 Can You get Good Health By Having A Dog? 🐶

Our gut is one of the most important organ system in our body. It may not be that well-explored yet, but dogs can actually help us know more about it!

– Science is a never-ending work of exploring and understanding almost everything.
– One of the many things that Science keeps exploring is the human body.
– For now, rats and mice are the primary models, but dogs might just be perfect for the picture.

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When human diseases hit us and we want to know what causes it and how to cure it, we turn to Science to help us understand the disease better. Science, with its experiments and trials, turn to lower levels of animals as reference.

For now, rats and mice are the primary study animals used when dealing with human-like-structures. Although there may be strong differences, but there are essential similarities as well.

Now, Science is looking into comparing dogs’ anatomy with human, because they might turn out more similar to us than any other animals.

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Read Maria Cohut’s full article here – https://www.medicalnewstoday.com.

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