Golden Retriever Suffers From Mommy Depression!

When you watch the seven retriever puppies, they will look cute as buttons.

Your heart will melt with their innocence but wait until you watch further.

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These innocent looking puppies are capable of creating havoc. They run around the garden, creating troubles wherever they go.

When they are inside the house, their inquisitive nature makes them check everything and make a mess.

They will even go into the kitchen to see what is cooking. If they like something, they make sure to have a good feast together.

In the video, you can see them enjoying an octopus. But, alas the owner catches them red-handed!

What really surprises us is that the mother of the puppies seems indifferent to everything. She stays in one corner, unmoved.

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She acts like she is on a vacation from puppy care and hardly looks after them. Even if they try to come around to play with her, she pushes them away.

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