Golden Retriever Steals Everything He Can Find

golden retriever steals everything

This funny dog video on next page has got over 400,000 views in just 10 days! Whats the secret behind?


Have you ever seen a Retriever stealing things? Watch the video below and you will be convinced that they can be good thieves.


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This is Archie, an adorable Golden Retriever who has a funny habit. He steals anything and everything he can find – shoes, wallet, remote, paper, etc.


The best part is that his walk changes when he has an object held in his mouth.


When his mom sees it, he will run swiftly around the house wagging his furry tail, as if asking his mommy to chase him.


According to his mom, it was easier when he was smaller. They could catch him easily. But he’s is bigger and faster so catching him becomes difficult.


In most cases, his parents trade the object with treats.


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This gives more motivation to Archie to continue with his habit. He know all he will get for being a thief is treats.


Watch the “Golden Retriever Dog Steals EVERYTHING In Sight” funny video on next page ➡️ ( Link Below )❤️🐾📺🔥

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