Golden Retriever Is Jealous Of A Little Puppy Toy

Watch this hilarious video of a Golden Retriever going crazy with jealousy over a toy dog. After watching the video below, I believe you will agree that it is not his fault. The toy dog actually looks pretty realistic and is so cute that he can turn anyone green-eyed. I particularly love the reaction of Golden Retriever when his mom starts petting the toy dog. He behaves like he wants to say “No, mom, don’t touch him!

He’s a monster!” It is hilarious to see such human reactions from a pet dog. Make sure you watch the video until the end to see how the Retriever couches down and sits on his Mom’s lap to show who’s the pet of the family. Take a break from life’s boring activities and spend some time with your pets. Their beautiful antics will touch your heart and make you realize how important you are for them. If you enjoyed the video share it with your friends to make someone happy today!

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