German Shepherd’s Reaction When He Doesn’t See His Owner

The hearty video on next page got over 7 million views!! We may sometimes take it for granted but dogs’ hearts are full of immense emotions and unconditional love for their owners. But ……..Walking outdoors maybe their favorite thing but they always want to make sure that their owner is around. Watch the hilarious video below and you will know what we mean.

The funny dog in the video takes the lead while walking outdoors and goes ahead knowing that his owner is following him. After some steps, his owner decides to play a trick on him. He hides behind the tree and calls the German Shepherd by name. When the dog looks back, he is puzzled to not see the owner behind him.

He waits for a few seconds trying to figure out where his owner may have gone. He then walks backward trying to look for the owner. Poor thing desperately looks for the owner all around while he captures the dog’s reaction from behind a tree. Finally, the dog can find his owner hiding behind the tree. What a relief for the adorable Shepherd and us to see him happy!

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