Gentle Giant Finds A New Loving Home

Nobody knows how long this Newfoundland puppy has been living on the streets, spending a life of neglect. When Hope for Paws heard about him, they quickly came for rescue. Although a giant dog, he has a gentle personality and his trust in human beings is still alive. The rescuers named him Everest due to his big stature. He allows the rescuers to take care of him and put the leash around without any resistance.

It looks like living on the streets made him very hungry because he munches on the cheeseburger as if he had not eaten for days. When he is in the shelter, the rescuers take good care of him by healing him physically as well as emotionally. A family from Oregon watched the video created by Hope For Paws and they wanted to adopt the dog. Soon arrangements were made for Everest to fly to his new home.

Watch till the end of the video to see the beautiful giant bond with his two other siblings and enjoy the good life. After spending years of neglected life, he gets to be a happy dog again. Everest will soon receive training to become a therapy dog. He will visit Children’s hospitals and spread smiles around.

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