Can Genetic Tests Differentiate Humans From Dogs? 🐶 🐕

Can Genetic Tests Differentiate Humans From Dogs?

Would you be surprised to know that some genetic tests are incapable of differentiating between a human sample from a dog sample?

– There are on-the-spot genetic test kits that many patients perform right in the comfort of their home.
– Example of this is the andMe which detect a history of family diseases.
– These genetic tests are incapable, however, of telling whether the sample is from a human or from a dog.

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If you have dogs at home and you are also monitoring some familial or genetic disease, it is probably a good idea to keep your home kits away from your pets.

Genetic tests are believed to be sensitive and should be accurate in telling results to make sure that there are no errors. Yes, these tests are capable of giving out good results for the specific tests they are built for, but did you know that it can not detect and differentiate if the sample is from a human subject or a dog.

This is the latest findings of scientists, and they are informing genetic test home kit users to be sure that their kits stay as far away from their pets as possible, otherwise, it will surely affect the reading of their tests.

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