Adorable Dog Meet the Leaf Blower (VIDEO)

You probably don’t want your dog anywhere near a leaf blower, would you?

It doesn’t sound like a great combination. Especially when you have a small toy dog.

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you’d probably be afraid that your cuddly little best friend will be sucked into the leaf blower.

Scary thought, eh? But think again! Dogs can’t get any cuter once they come face to face with a leaf blower.

How do you take the cutest video on earth? Just two simple ingredients: your dog and a leaf blower!

Buzzfeed captures he most adorable dogs facing leaf blowers head-to-head and, OMG, they just get cuter by the second, don’t they?

With their flappy ears, wriggly cheeks and flying fur, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Now go get that leaf blower and have some insane fun with your own dog!

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