Funny Dog Screams Like Human When He’s Excited

Why has this video received 536,755 views within 4 days? Find out on next page!! Have you ever seen a dog screaming like a human? you must watch this funny dog video!😍🤣 Perhaps not. However, this funny Pit Bull has a unique way of saying that he’s excited or he needs some attention.


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Just watch the video below and you will know what we mean.


This Pit Bull (Mo) came into the woman’s life by accident and looked like he had been abandoned by someone.


Despite her various attempts to find the owners, she could not find them. So, destiny wanted them to be together.


Since then they both have been inseparable. She takes her dog with her wherever she goes so that he can enjoy and explore new things.


The best thing about him is the way he screams when he’s looking out of the car window, in a park, or when he sees a cat.


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