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A local Church in Comanche County is doing their best to raise funds in order to support the startup of their local Sheriff’s K-9 unit.

– One of the most important aspects in any local community is the peace and order.
– It is very important that every local community will invest in the improvement of their law enforcement. System.
– St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is trying to raise funds to help startup their local county’s K-9 unit.

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The fundraising target goal amount is $2,500. This amount will be enough to start a K-9 unit in the Comanche County Sheriff’s department. The fundraising is initiated by the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church members, headed by Kimi Chambers.

Chambers said that they Church is one and in full support of the law enforcing body’s mission in keeping their local town safe and secure.

Chambers claimed that projects like these should be a high priority for every community. The fundraising is going well so far, and they are expected to hit the target any time soon.

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