Ever wondered the number of pets that are in shelters? How many are adopted daily or weekly or the statistics of those who never make it out of the shelters.


Here, we will share some of dog adoption exciting numbers with you to give you an idea of just how many pets there are in the United States as a whole.


  • Studies prove that Americans own a total of 78 million dogs and about 85.8 million cats. This is quite a large figure and shows that about 44% of all American households keep dogs as pets.


  • About 40% and 46% dog and cat owners respectively got information about their pets through word of mouth.


  • According to stats, the most common ways by which Americans get their pets is through the animal shelter, friends/relatives, taking in strays and at private parties.


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  • Studies also show that about 34% of dogs kept as pets are gotten from breeders while 23% are adopted from animal shelters.


  • Also, about 27% of domesticated cats were taken in as strays.


  • Studies also report about 47% of dogs that had to be re homed due to the common pet problems. These problems could be aggressive behavior, attitude problems, grew a lot larger than what was envisioned or really serious health problems that couldn’t be managed by the owner.


If you think to bring a new family member and to give him a loving home, adopting a pet will be the most compassion act to do.

You can find more about dog adoption here

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