This Is A Fun Game — Who Does This Dog LOOK LIKE?!

How much do you love dogs? Love dogs to the point that you’re eager to LOOK LIKE ONE?!

– A creative photographer in the UK has a new project and it involves dogs!
– What is the project all about?
– Well, it certainly is an awesome project and every dog lover wants to take part in it!

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Have you ever encountered a human, and you said to yourself that they look familiar? Not because they look like another human, but because they look like A DOG you saw once!!!

Does that sound crazy? You might have thought about it and kept it to yourself thinking it might offend the human involved! This project in Britain by Gerrard Gethings will convince you otherwise.

Gethings is now actively looking for HUMANS that resemble certain dogs – in terms of hair, eyes, and facial features or expressions.

It may sound unusual, but A LOT of people actually want to be part of the project and they are willing to be tagged as a dog look alike!

See video here:

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Check out the adorable photo comparisons in this article –

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