If you really love big dogs, then you would be completely obsessed with the Irish Wolfhound breed. This dog is definitely a bit of a gentle giant. This is because despite its domineering size, it is extremely soft, sweet and constantly craves companionship.


Want to learn more about the Irish Wolfhound? Here are three amazing facts.


  1. Tallest Dog Breed in the World

Thought the great Dane was tall? Think again! The Irish Wolfhound stands tall at a whole 7 feet when on its hind legs.



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  1. Their Origin is Traced Back to Ancient Rome

The earliest record of this dog was in a letter sent from a Roman Consul to his brother in 391 A.D. The dogs were addressed as the Ireland wolf dogs and were commonly given out as gifts to royalties.


  1. They were used in Hunting

Because of their size and strength, the Irish Wolfhound was used in the past to hunt down large game like bears or boars. They were also used to hunt even bigger animals like the Irish elk.


The Irish Wolfhound definitely has a lot of appealing character traits and even though they are not the best guard dogs, they are incredibly sweet and love being around humans.


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