😢 Frightened Dog Forced To Talk Over A GLASS BRIDGE! 🐶


A dog owner in China is now on the spotlight, as netizens from all social media platform debate whether or not what she did to her dog is right.

– A video is surfacing about a dog owner forcing her pet walk on a glass bridge.
– In the video, the dog looked petrified.
– Many social media users are arguing with each other, some claiming the act is abusive and some claim it’s not.

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A high-rise tourist spot in China, which is about 32,000 feet high, called the walkway of Jiushanding, attracts hundreds and hundreds of tourists daily.

A video is making rounds now, and it is causing a debate on the social media platforms. The video show a three months Samoyed on leash, and being dragged to cross the said transparent bridge.

Some social media users thought it was an abusive act, while others brushed it off as a cute and funny scene worthy of likes and loves.

What do you think?

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