Man Quits His Job For The Mission To Free Shelter Dogs

Why got the video on next page over 40,000 views, within 1 Day ❓  Lee Ashers left his job and his entire world behind to achieve something big in his life.

He and his furry family are out on a mission to empty shelters across America and help dogs get homes.

Touching Video What Happend When Doggie 🐶 Receive Love 💖 For The First Time? Very Touching!

They are living out of an RV and they wish to tour around all the states and help dogs. Lee says that helping dogs get a home where they are safe and loved makes him very happy.

He believes that every dog deserves a home and the shelter dogs are some of the most amazing ones out there.

Lee also hopes to inform and educate those who want to adopt dogs and help them see the beauty in shelter dogs.

According to Lee, if you see a dog barking it means he just needs some of your attention. When you take him out of the cage and spend some time cuddling with him, you realize the difference.

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