See A Homeless Person With A Dog? Here’s A Surprise …


Do you believe that the bond of a homeless person and a dog is stronger than you think? A homeless man and a dog help each other through ups and downs.

According to homeless man Michael, “He just sits there with you and he’s dead loyal. I just love him to bits.”

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Great news because vet students have a surprise for homeless people who own dogs. What is it?

Vet students from Glasgow University set up a clinic with free services for the dogs of homeless people.

They want to help people in the streets so that they wouldn’t worry too much about caring for their dog buddies. Isn’t that awesome?

People shouldn’t judge a homeless man and its dog because the connection they have is full of love and companionship.

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“They really care for their dogs even more than they care for themselves,” says Ms Shorrock.

“Often the dogs get fed before their owners get fed. So just
seeing that dedication and passion from someone who’s in that
predicament is inspiring.”

“The aim is to help these people off the streets, so if
they’re not worrying about feeding their dog or getting care for their
dog, they can look after themselves.”

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