Four Dogs, Two Ducks, And A Cat Help Raise Two Human Babies

You may have seen several families but nothing like this one.

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The couple first adopted four dogs, two ducks and a cat in their family.

The best part is that each furry animal was treated like a family member and raised like a kid. The dogs were loving with the ducks and everyone got along really well.

When the lady became pregnant, they instinctively knew about it. The dogs and cat would spend hours guarding the belly and cuddling up with it.

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When their baby was born, they were a little unsure of how the pack would react.

They were amazed to see how well they accepted their human baby brother. Their mother believes that this is because she raised them all as her kids.

Now, they all travel together, have fun, and look after each other like a big family.

When the baby boy was 3 months old, the couple found out they were expecting their second baby and their daughter was born.
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