If you’re looking for an extra push to get a dog, this piece will get you there. Dogs are amazing beings. They’re not called ‘Man’s best friend’ for no reason, they have earned this title. Studies show that dogs revere humans more than they do their own kind so what’s not to love about them. They’re cute, cuddly, eat all your food and keep you company when you’re sad. Not fully convinced? Well, let’s look at 5 reasons why you definitely need a dog.



They offer protection

There’s only so much you can do to prevent a robbery attack in the comfort of your homes. Getting a dog is one of those precautionary measures. Dogs sense danger and offer protection when the need arises. They are cruel to intruders and there have been several cases of dogs saving their owner’s lives from home invasions and attacks. Dogs consider you as part of their family and hence assume the role of protecting your territory from robbers and attacks. Also, if you have a dog, robbers are less likely to attack for fear of getting maimed.


They are great companions

You can do almost anything with your dog. Cycling, running, taking walks or even indoor activities. Dogs are great companions and they sense the different moods of humans and know when to offer succor. In general, they have a way of uplifting spirits and creating a happy aura in the home.


They help with your kid’s allergies

Kids who go through life without a dog have higher chances of developing pet related allergies, whereas kids who have dogs at their earliest stages become somewhat immune to these allergies. They also stand less chances of contacting skin ailments like eczema. Also, studies show that dogs boost the immune system of its owners. This is why individuals who have dogs recover faster than those who do not.


Think of all the tricks you could teach it

Dogs are naturally fun and smart animals and teaching it fun tricks is just icing on the dog cake. You could teach it basic tricks and also switch it up a notch by teaching it how to open doors or climb walls, it’s really your preference. You can teach your dog anything you want.


They’re the perfect wing men😎

You’re more likely to get a girl’s number if you’re seen with a dog than if you go solo. There’s something endearing about dogs and women love it. So why not get a dog if you’re single, you could just get a girlfriend in no time.

The world needs more dog owners and with these few reasons, we hope you have been convinced enough to get your own dog and reap the benefits it comes with.

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