Getting a dog is pretty awesome. You could take him to the park, play dress up, and have him man your house as a security guard to chase invaders away. However there are so many dog breeds out there and if you’ve got kids, you may want to get a dog that is perfect around kids just so your kids don’t get maimed or mulled over by the dog.

There are also chances of dogs getting strangled by kids, so your breed needs to be able to resist things like this without displaying aggression. Well, as humans you may think if someone tries to strangle you, you will probably hurt the person, but dogs are more sensitive than we are. This is why you need the perfect kid friendly dog breed for your home. We’ve got the best 5.



This breed is friendly by default, even to strangers. It is very smart so teaching him cool tricks won’t be a problem and he is very loving especially with kids. This dog is loyal to its owner and will defend you when the need arises. They are sensitive to human’s moods and affection and their behavioral patterns offer no surprises. Hence it is one of the most sought breed for kids. Did we mention its fur is very fluffy and soft which is why kids definitely love Colies.


Golden retriever

 This is one extremely cute breed. When they’re little they look like little balls of sunshine and they grow up to be just that. Golden retrievers show no form of aggression to the owners or to children in general. They are happy breeds of dogs and they love human companion. They love playing fetch so your kids will have a swell time with them. They are calm indoors and energetic and playful when they get out. Ultimately, you and your kids are safe with them.



German Shepherd

German shepherds are pretty common among households. They are really good with children, easy to train and hardly display aggression. They are very intelligent breeds and get loved as soon as they enter the home. Affection comes naturally to them and they reciprocate by keeping your household safe as they can double as a guard dog.




If you’re looking for something much smaller, you may as well consider the beagle. This breed is cute, smooth, fast and always alert. They don’t shed fur and they’re really comfortable with kids. The best part is they need regular exercise so say hello to your new work out buddy. They can play fetch, retrieve objects and are really great house pets.



Pugs are really beautiful creatures. With their beady eyes and slobbery noses, they immediately warm the hearts of families. They are small and can learn commands. If you’re looking for a pet that offers zero threat to outsiders, the pug is the way to go. All you’ll need to do is to keep it safe.

In essence, go for the dog breed you’re most comfortable with or one you feel your kids will absolutely love. This way, everyone is happy.


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