Am I Fit To Own A Dog?🐶🐕

Are dogs really bad for your writing career? Rebecca Nicholson strongly disagrees.

-Karl Ove Knausgaard’s piece for the New Yorker was about how having a dog for two years made it difficult for him to write.
-He even wrote an extremely detailed autobiographical series called My Struggle
-Knausgaard did admit the problem didn’t lie with owning the dog but through his own failings

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Writer Karl Ove Knausgaard tried living with a dog for two years. But he had such a difficulty during that time that he wonders if that was why he was unable to produce any prose.

He felt so strongly about it that even his 6-volume autobiographical series called My Struggle was originally given the title “The Dog”. But Nicholson pointed out that dogs are actually beneficial for writers or people who spend a lot of time alone.

According to her, having a dog around is the perfect company because it is less demanding than having another person there but can also force you to get out for some fresh air and socializition when you get stuck in your writing. She even listed famous writers like Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway and Elizabeth Barrett Browning who owned dogs.

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