From Fat Dogs To Fit Dogs?

How did this Czech entrepreneur find a way to get his dog to become more fit?


-Robert Hasek found a way to increase his dog’s fitness by tracking his dog’s activity as well as his food and water intake.
-He invented one of the first dog fitness trackers in the world.
-The pet care industry is ever-growing and more and more products are being introduced each year.


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The Czech businessman saw an opportunity when he found out that his Pit bull terrier was actually very inactive aside from the three-mile run that he goes on with Hasek. He saw that his pet got easily exhausted and wanted to find a way to help him keep healthy.

He decided to set up a Kickstarter fund to get his idea into the market, and then later went to find private investors. His dog fitness tracker is part of a growing industry of gadgets such as automatic feeders, ball throwing machines, and GPS trackers targeted at pet owners.

Hasek says they are focusing not only on customers whose pets are overweight but also those that want to prevent their healthy dogs from becoming sick.


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