Am I Feeding My Dog The Best Protein Source?

We all know that proteins are the best nutrition for dogs, especially for growing puppies whose muscles are still developing.


– A new study shows that a new “clean-meat” fungus-based dog food may contain 45% protein.
– The startup business is called the Wild Earth, which primarily makes cultured koji dog food.
– This may be great news for cat and dog lovers out there!


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An independent study has confirmed that the new fungus-based dog food made by a startup company, Wild Earth, may just be an answered prayer for pet lovers out there. This latest dog food has amazingly high protein value and can be a good source of nutrition for both cat and dog pets.

The study even claims that this has more protein than steak!

This summer, dog treats are scheduled to be released and surely dog owners will be thrilled about the news.

This could be a great way to save money by not having to buy expensive meat, but at the same time, provide the right nutrition for your dogs.


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