Did A Father Kills His Own Daughter’s Dogs? Find Out Why!

Did A Father Kills His Own Daughter's Dogs? Find Out Why!

A father in Oklahoma was accused of killing his own daughter’s dogs, to punish her.

– Jeffrey Don Edwards is the father of two teenagers.
– His former wife, Danielle Depee, filed a complaint against him.
– Allegedly, Edwards killed 2 of his daughter’s dogs to punish her.

In Harrah, Oklahoma, a family’s domestic argument became the center of news when the head of the household was reported to have killed two of his daughter’s dogs. The said action was done in order to punish his daughter.

The man’s name is Jeffrey Don Edwards, and his former wife, Danielle Depee, said that the commotion happened when Edwards got angry because one of their teenage daughters did not do the dishes on Thursday.

It was a shocking and traumatic experience for the two children, said Depee.

Depee wants justice for what his ex-husband did wrong. She and the kids are more than willing to testify against the man, whom they believe have broken the law and is qualified for a punishment for what he has done.

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