How Did This Fatal Dog Attack Start??? 📢 ⛔

Dog attacks usually bring a different sense of horror, especially since dogs are expected to be man’s best friend.

– Donald Steel, a 91-year-old resident of Arcata, California was attacked by a dog.
– The end result was horrible, it was considered a fatal attack indeed!
– Steel died of injuries after being hospitalized for a few days.

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More than half of American homes have pets, and with that number, the majority of pet choice is a DOG. Why?

Well, because everyone knows how excellent dogs are with humans and it even rightfully earned them the title of being our “best friend”.

We see videos everywhere of dogs interacting properly and even lovingly with humans, of different ages – from newborns to kids to teens to adults and even elderlies. So what goes wrong when there are dog attacks?

There are many possible factors and even triggers that could start such an unfortunate event. A recent attack in Arcata, California led to the death of a geriatric victim which in return led to the death of the dog through euthanasia.

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