Family Heartbroken After Puppy Stolen From Home

Can you imagine how callus some thieves are? Imagine stealing a dog right from inside the house of its owner.

– A burglary in Pitsea took place in one of its residential units.
– The thieves took something very important, something of great value to the family.
– They took a six-month-old Chihuahua, named Tilly.

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It was between midnight and 2 in the morning, on August 29 Wednesday, when a residential house in Pitsea had an intruder. A burglar took place, and the thief took nothing less than one of the family member, their young Chihuahua named Tilly.

The family was in shock to find out when they woke up later in the morning that their beloved little dog was gone, and that an evident breaking and entering did happen at around dawn, while everyone was sleeping.

Feeling both angry and afraid, the family is not looking for their missing dog, and they are offering reward to anyone who can give useful information about Tilly’s whereabouts.

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