Dog Refuse To Leave Their Owner’s Side During An Emergency

You may have heard stories about dogs being extremely faithful to .their owners. You can now see an example right in front of your eyes. The man in the video has two loving and loyal dogs. One day he fell and hit his head, requiring an ambulance to take him to the emergency unit. His two dogs refuse to let him go to the hospital alone. They immediately jump into the ambulance and refuse to leave his side.


Although speechless, the dogs seem to have a clue of what is going on. They know that their owner is in trouble and he needs to be comforted. The dogs travel with their owner in the ambulance. They get off at the hospital and follow their owner to the emergency room. At one point, the caring owner tries to almost get up and see his dogs around him. We love the end part of the story where the dogs are lying beside the man. What a lucky person to have two such wonderful dogs love him so dearly! No wonder he must be a kind and affectionate owner.

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