Is This Even A Fair Fight Between These Dogs?😢🐶

Whenever there is dog attack, it is inevitable that the attacking dog’s owner will be put on a spotlight.

– Recently, a small dog was attacked by TWO huge dogs!
– The owner of these two huge dogs is now being questioned.
– It turned out that the attacking dog’s owner has a record of wrong upbringing of pets.

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Kathy Andrews own two huge dog breed, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and these two previously attacked a cat and some dogs too.

Just recently, the two big dogs were at it again, and owner Andrews was unable to control or contain the said dogs, which sadly attacked one small dog – this time a Terrier – by the beach. The incident happened while the two groups were having a simple walk by the beach.

Since this isn’t the first time that Andrews dogs attacked and harmed other animals, this means that she has breached the order of the court from her previous case of failure to control her dogs in public.

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