There are a lot of pet statistics and facts that a lot of dog owners are oblivious of. These numbers are very important as it gives an insight to the real status of pet ownership statistics in the U.S.


Take pet insurance for instance, it would shock you that there are a lot of dog owners in the U.S who have no idea about pet insurance and how much it can make their dog’s life a lot easier and better.


According to this study, about 68% of American Households are pet owners and it seems most of them are becoming more responsible with their pet’s lives by ensuring they have insurance.


It is reported that the total number of insured pets have increased in both the U.S and Canada by about 17% in 2017 alone. This is great news as it shows pet owners are becoming more concerned about the lives of their pets.



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There are a lot of interesting numbers concerning pets online and as a dog owner, you should definitely acquaint yourself with these figures and become more knowledgeable.

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