😢Dog’s Cute Face Is Deformed By Abuser!🐕

Why did a masked stranger on a bike reach over the fence and slash this poor dog’s face?

-Mark Eskow was out on Friday night and came home to his beloved dog with his face slashed.
-Eskow initially thought it was an accident, but found out the truth after reviewing CCTV footage.
-Police in Winnipeg are now investigating the incident.

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Mark Eskow was shocked he came home Friday night and found that his seven-year-old dog named Cooter had a huge cut across the top of his nose right to his teeth. He immediately rushed his dog to the hospital to get stitches.

Mark first thought the dog got caught in a nail but wanted to find out what exactly happened. When he checked the footage from his CCTV trained on the lane right outside his backyard, he was horrified to a man wearing a mask pulled out a knife, reached over the fence and slashed Cooter.

The man, who was riding a bike, immediately rode off after attacking the dog. The serious assault is now being investigated by Winnipeg Police Major Crimes unit.

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See the full news report on this incident here: https://www.ctvnews.ca.

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