What Experts Say About Feeding Dogs With Raw Food

Thinking about dog rawfood? Below you can find 6 opinions who are are backed by scientific studies and extensive research.

A ton of people out there are trying to solve a certain problem. The problem is that there is a ton of bad advice that can actually end up making things worse.


With that in mind we decided to ask the world’s top experts on the topic what they thought is the most important thing to consider when trying to solve that certain problem.¬†Check out what each expert has to say below.


Paul Overgaauw from the Utrecht University says:

A team led by Paul Overgaauw at Utrecht University set out to determine the presence of four zoonotic bacteria and two parasite species in commercial RMBDs, available in most pet shops and supermarkets.



Wakshlag, an assistant professor of clinical nutrition at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine says:

Homemade raw diets also may lack enough calcium and phosphorous, causing bone fractures and dental problems. Depending on the quality of the diet, the calcium or phosphorus may also be difficult to properly digest, even if present in adequate amounts.


Stany Corleen PhD., DSc, FRSC mentioned in his article this:

The rationale for this kind of feeding schedule is that “A biologically appropriate diet for a dog is one that consists of raw whole foods similar to those eaten by the dog’s wild ancestors.” This kind of statement is accompanied by suggestions that such a diet will provide maximum health for a dog while kibble based diets “cause innumerable health problems”.


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