Here Is What 6 Experts Say About 🐶 Dog Training

Looking for the best dog training for your dog? Below you can find 6 opinions from experts in their field.

A ton of people out there are trying to solve a certain problem. The problem is that there is a ton of bad advice that can actually end up making things worse.

With that in mind we decided to collect the opinion of the world’s top experts on the topic what they thought is the most important thing to consider when trying to solve the dog training problem.

Check out what each expert has to say below.

Dr. John Ciribassi, past-president of the AVSAB, explains why punishment can cause aggression.

“A typical scenario is a client with a 3 year old dog who has presented because of aggression directed at strangers that the dog meets either on walks or when guests come to the home. Initially the dog barks at people as they pass and backs away if approached, indicating that the aggression is due to fear.“

Dr. Florence Gaunet, from Aix-Marseille University, in France said:

“What we noticed is that it was bad for the relationship to be trained “negatively”. They were more likely to show a lower posture and more signs of stress. Of course there are concerns about welfare.

Sylvia-Stasiewicz mentioned this:

Sylvia-Stasiewicz says more dominant training and techniques focus too much on “bad” things a dog does and force the animal to figure out, through trial and error, what he must do in order not to be punished.

“Training doesn’t have to be cruel and punishment-oriented,” Sylvia-Stasiewicz says. “If you train using positive reinforcement, you’ll get a trained dog and you will maintain the spirit of that dog.”

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