Veteran With Alzheimer Is Forgetful But Still Love His Dog!

The video on next page got 84,865 views in 3 days, what happened? Mr. Tony is a retired ex-army man who spent his life serving the country.

He now suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. According to his granddaughter Michelle, he has been forgetting things lately.

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However, there’s one thing he loves the most and that’s Cake, a dog they rescued when he was a puppy.

Cake had several behavioral issues but the family took good care of him. Michelle enrolled Cake for a behavioral therapy and now he is the calmest and happy dog.

Tony loves to spend Sundays with Cake and walking him is the best thing he loves most. It gives him a lot of power to be in command and walk his best friend.

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Although he sometimes forgets that Cake is a girl, Tony almost always remembers the dog. The best part about the relationship is that he doesn’t need any words to express his feeling with Cake.

Man With Alzheimer’s Loves Visits From His Favorite Dog Watch The Video On Next Page 🐶😍📺🔥➡️

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