Read This Before Playing With Someone Else’s Dog!

No matter how small or minor a cut caused by a dog bite can be, if you have no records of the dog that bit you, you have to take EXTRA precautions.

– A person was reportedly bitten by a stray dog,
– The police was quick to respond and rescue the victim, and also got to arrest the stray animal.
– The bite cut was actually small and not alarming, but measure are done to avoid potential harm to the victim.

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Just like us humans, dogs have medical records too!

That is if a dog has a responsible owner, which should be the case. A dog’s medical record is very important as it is where vaccination histories can be found.

These vaccination records become significant in two cases: when the dog itself becomes sick, or when a dog bites a person.

Why? Well, for starters it will tell us what vaccines have been given, so if in case a dog bites someone, doctors can rule out diseases that can be caused by non-vaccinated dogs.

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