Emaciated Dog Found With Carabiner Trough Neck

⛔ I Could Cry - Emaciated Dog Found With Carabiner Trough Neck

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office is now on a hunt to find the irresponsible owner of a rescue dog.

– The dog, identified as a Yellow Labrador, was found with carabiner through its neck.
– Walton County Sheriff received the call from the owner of a trailer, where the dog got stuck and was crying.
– A reward could be given to any informant regarding the owner of the abused dog.

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When the Walton County Sheriff’s Office received a call about an injured dog trapped under a trailer, they immediately responded and was shocked to see a dog with a carabiner through its neck.

The dog was whimpering when the authorities arrived at the scent. The owner of the trailer said that he heard unusual sounds under his trailer, and when he tried to approach the injured dog, it would growl at him. This prompted him to call the police, to ensure his safety too.

The dog was rescued from the location, and was taken to a medical clinic, where it was sedated and the carabiner was removed from its neck.

Currently, authorities are trying to locate the owner who abused the dog. Rewards will possibly be given to those who can give any information about the owner.

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Read the full report here – http://www.wjhg.com.

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