Electric Shock Collars For Dogs Set To Be Banned?

Some animal cruelty is not that obvious; but subtle they may be, animal cruelty will always be animal cruelty.

– One of the most known dogs training device is the electric shock collars for cats and dogs.
– They are used by some owners to make their pets obey them in a faster way.
– These devices are considered cruel to the animal and will soon be banned from distribution and use.

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Training a cat or a dog can be very challenging. It takes so much patience to finally see a good result of your hard work. However, some pet owners just can’t wait long to let their pets obey them. Thus, they go for devices that will FORCE their pets to obey them, just to avoid getting tortured.

A common device is the electric shock collar, which can be set to emit different levels of electricity to shock any pet who is wearing the said collar. This usually allows the pet to know in a faster way that what they are doing is against their owner’s desire. In a way, forcing them to obey, all to avoid getting hurt.

These devices are about to get completely banned from the market.

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