When it comes to dog breeds, it is almost impossible to pick a favorite as they are all so incredibly beautiful. Do you love pointy ears or a really fluffy tail? A tall body or a small, cuddly one? Regardless of your preference, there is no denying that amidst their obvious differences, all dog breeds are very stunning.


We are totally obsessed with all dog breeds, however in this post, we will highlight just ten of the ones we find absolutely adorable and hope that you love them too. If you fall in love with any of these dogs, you can take the time to learn about their behavioral patterns and temperament and decide which dog breed is the right one for you.


The Australian Shepherd



With the perfect combination of beauty and brains, the Australian shepherd definitely have it all. They are major people pleases and always love having tasks to accomplish all for a pat on the head or their favorite treat. They are really smart and love a bit of a challenge, so if you are pretty active then you just might be a perfect match.


The French Bulldog



The French bulldog is the perfect companion for individuals who love a quieter life. This low energy pup is definitely the cutest roommate you will ever have and the most pleasant too.

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The Beagle



The beagle is extremely charming with eyes that just make you fall right into their paws. They are very curious and like to follow different kinds of scents, which could sometimes land them in trouble.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi



Well, if you are anything like the queen of England, then you will definitely be obsessed by the welsh corgi. Queen Elizabeth definitely cannot get enough of this beauty as she has had as many as thirty of them in her entire lifetime.


Shetland Sheepdog



They adore kids and would give anything for some cuddle time. What’s more? How could you possibly resist that stunning face?

Golden Retriever



This dog is very common among US dog owners for obvious reasons. They are so cute and always find a way to look stunning in every angle when captured on camera. Err, hello vogue!


Siberian Husky



This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this absolute beauty. The only thing more adorable than this little ball of fur is a whole pack of them. I mean look at that face!




Well, they are in Disney movies for a reason. Their beautiful coats definitely set them apart from other dog breed wherever they go and they are a common favorite among dog owners.


Do you know any other dog breeds that should be in our list? Let us know!


Want to read more about these dog breeds click here for the American Kennel Club 


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