What Is The MOST EFFECTIVE Weapon Against Poaching?

Efficiency does not need to be expensive. This is the newest idea for anti-poaching, and their latest weapons are none other than the economical and efficient DOGS.

– No need for sophisticated machinery or computer software to ward off poachers.
– The best weapons are the warm, friendly, and alive CANINES!
– Even AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) had been taking advantage of the excellent sense of smell dogs have.
– Newest, Low-Tech Weapon in the War Against Poaching: Dogs

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African wildlife conservation group now employing canine units to track down abducted animals.

Many canines are being used to help fight crime, but recently their extreme sense of smell has landed them a job with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) too!

Anti-poachers are taking further steps to ensure that they are effectively fighting against illegal smugglers who smuggle different wildlife merchandises such as ivory tusks from elephants, scales from pangolin, and horns from rhinoceros.

Sniff dogs, when trained properly, are able to detect these contrabands and thus prevent the export and illegal selling.

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