Do How BAD Can Eating Dog Meat Be?🐶😮

Dog are friends, not food. But in Hanoi, it’s a completely different sad story.

– The government of the capital city in Vietnam is now advocating against consumption of dog meats.
– Many reports of local residences fund of consuming dog meat has cause the local government to start the campaign against it.
– As per survey, about a thousand shops sell dog meat in the area.

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Is dog meat really delicious?

For those who’s tried it, the answer might vary. Generally speaking, more and more people are getting into the trend. Like in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, residences that eat dog meat are reportedly increasing as the years go by.

Recently, a survey was conducted, and it was found that almost a thousand shops in the city are selling cat and dog meats.

The local health department is now actively advocating the consumption of these dog meat, saying the possible health issues that it may entail to those who consume it.

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