Can Dogs Help Veterans Against Nightmares Of War?

How is it possible, that a dog video gets over 7,135,466 ( 7.1 Mio ) views??  Is someone from your family a war veteran?

Soldiers who return from deployment or who had fulfilled retirement have permanent scars in their mind.

Grubnar writes in the video comments:
This went from horrible to hilarious in one second flat. I like it!

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The effects of war to a person is devastating. Sometimes the nightmare of experiencing many deaths and conflicts hunt them throughout their lives.

This Dutch TV commercial reveals that guide dogs help veterans who have seen too much.

Watch this extraordinary advert from Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation below. Veteran dogs are a big help to our retired soldiers.

With dogs by their side, they are able to cope up with war-related trauma.

The commercial runs for only 35 seconds, but its impact on the audience is outstanding. It will truly captivate your hearts.

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