⛔ WHO DROWNED THIS PUPPY??? This Got Me Furious!!!

⛔ WHO DROWNED THIS PUPPY??? This Got Me Furious!!!

This man was in full range when he purposely drowned a puppy, all because he was annoyed by the poor animal.

– A man in Edwardsville has some issues with anger management.
– Being patient is one of the requirement to become an effective and compassionate pet owner.
– Tavian Snead’s temper got the best of him and controlled him and his actions.

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Wood River police received a distress call from one of the neighbors of Tavian Snead, a 22-year-old resident of Edwardsville.

Snead admits to being annoyed by the pet dog, thus he decided to drown the poor puppy under a running faucet. The puppy nearly drowned, and it was not enough for Snead!

After harming the puppy and almost killing it; he then proceeded with engaging in a heavy argument with his live-in partner.

Snead was arrested and is now in police custody with charges of animal cruelty, and a bail set at $40,000.

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