Don’t EAT YOUR DOG Or CAT!!! Congress Warns Citizens 😮

Well, just in case you were planning to, the United States Congress has sent out a warning that citizens must REFRAIN FROM EATING their DOGS and CATS!

– In South Korea, dogs and cats have been reported to be raised for human consumption.
– The United States Congress warns the public that they should stop doing this practice.
– Americans are not (YET) practicing this, but the Congress want to warn the citizens ahead of time before it even starts.

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The Humane Society at an animal shelter in Virginia just rescued several dogs in South Korea that were raised with the intention of being consumed by humans once it is fully grown.

Although this practice has not yet reached the United States, the Congress is thinking ahead and are warning the citizens not to even think of starting.

The said warning was stated in advance, as a support to international animal rights, and they intend to adopt a good and harmonious way of prohibiting the start of eating pet animals around the world.

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