How Far Can Your Donations Go To Help A Dog??? 😮

If you’ve ever tried donating for a good cause, like in animal shelters or the likes, you probably wonder where and how your money has been used.

– Collected funds actually went to a good cause when it saved these dogs’ lives.
– Not just any dogs, but police dogs were able to benefit the funds.
– The funds were from a non-profit charity.

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Police, no matter where they are posted, will always want to wear the most important wardrobe – their vest. No cop anywhere in the world would want to go on duty without this protective suit.

However, let’s not overlook one important part of the team – the canine unit. These smart and brave dogs also need protection, and yes, not all of them are issued protective or bullet-proof vests.

So when more funds were raised by a non-profit charity, the money immediately went to the purchasing of these ballistic vests.

Imagine the number of deaths prevented by these vests, and imagine the number of canines saved by donations and help from good-hearted people everywhere.

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