Do Dogs Have Temper Issues Too?

When we do our best, and we still don’t succeed. How do we feel? Frustrated, right?


– If you think dogs have no feelings, you might think again after seeing this dog.
– An video of the most adorable dog on the beach went viral.
– The video shows a puppy that displayed great emotions when his hard work was washed away by the tides.


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Humans normally feel frustrated when our hard work boils down to NOTHING!

Some may have known this a long time ago, but this may be a huge surprise to others: Dogs actually feel the same way too!

So could this mean that dogs are capable of feelings like us?

In a viral video, a tiny and adorable puppy was busy digging a hole along the shore, when suddenly the tide went up and filed his dug hole with water.

The video then continued and showed the most adorable look of dismay on the little dog.

It went viral, as many social media users thought it was the cutest thing online.


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