Dogs Sniff Their Way To Save Endangered Species Of Reptile

The Baw Baw frog is an endangered species and is now being searched to be rescued from extinction.

– A sniffing dog is now working with the conservation team to search and rescue an endangered species of frog.
– The sniffing dogs are border collie siblings, Rubble and Uda.
– The sniffing squad may not have such a great history when it comes to their previous works done.

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Before the two dogs joined the conservation team, as detection dogs, one of these dogs has no experience herding a single sheep. Rubble, who’s now part of Australia’s animal conservation team, apparently has a greater purpose.

Currently, Rubble and her brother Uda are working as sniff dogs to search and locate certain species that need rescue from extinction.

Their trainer, Luke Edwards, shares his thoughts on how perfect the job is for both canines.

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