Are Dogs Smarter Than Us Humans??? 🐕 🐶

Can an experiment by this Yale teacher show that dogs have better rational skills than humans?

-An experiment showed that it’s possible dogs have a better way of learning.
-Compared to humans, dogs do not have a tendency to copy or imitate what they see
-Dogs tend to find a more straightforward way to achieve their goals

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Laurie Santos is a Yale faculty and one of the remarkable people honored at this year’s Liberty Science Center Genius Gala. She has dedicated herself to studying animal cognition including that of humans and dogs.

During the program, she performed an interesting experiment. She showed how a dog can learn better from observing a human better than humans could learn from themselves.

She pointed out how sometimes humans can be hindered from learning quickly mostly because of our tendency to repeat exactly what we see as someone else does. This is something we usually do even when the said action doesn’t seem very rational.

Dogs don’t have that instinct to imitate others. And this is probably the reason why they tend to think of a more direct solution for learning.

Read more about Laurie’s experiment here:

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