Dogs Rescued By Firefighters?


Have you heard about the saying, “It is much better for thieves to take away your valuables than to have a fire accident at home?” This is because, with a fire accident, you will be left with nothing. How about if you left your dogs inside the house, and it is actually burning, what will you do? Will you just let them die inside?

BURNT OUT HOUSE GalleryBecause of careless smoking inside the house, it leads to a fire accident. It damages thousands of dollars of goods and property. The owner goes back inside the house even if it is already burning just to save her dogs. The other dogs are saved by the firefighters. The good news is, all of them are saved, but the other one was brought to the vet.

“Probable cause, unfortunately, is careless use of smoking materials,” Mostacci said. “We can’t reiterate enough the dangers of smoking inside.”

The fire began in the bedroom, he said.

Mostacci added there were no reports of a fire alarm sounding when crews got to the house.

“And that’s a concern,” he said.

Fire crews left the scene just before 8 a.m.

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